Soli goes open air: BIPoC women* projects

25. August 2020 (Tuesday)
17 h – 21:30 h

Wagenplatz Kanal e.V. Kiefholzstraße 74
12057 Berlin
hosted by Black Earth

Dear Community,

you are welcome to join the Soli Open-Air! In times of crisis we want to get together (with masks and physical distance) and raise awareness and solidarity especially for BIPoC FLINT* communities who are fighting on the frontlines of environmental destruction, racism and patriarchy.
The event is hosted by Black Earth – BIPoC Environmnetal and Climate Justice Kollektiv Berlin. We will offer screen and stencil printing with themes like Black Trans* Lives Matter and further. There will be some plain T-Shirts from Zona Franca Masili, a women’s cooperative in Nicaragua. You can also bring your own T-Shirts/Hoodies or take from our freebox.

Mama Cactus will run a plantbased Soli-Küfa (food for all) during the evening. Mama Cactus is a group of mostly Black women*, based in Berlin who cooperate with women* from nomadic communities in Kenya, who are exposed to climate change, locusts and the pandemic. All the collected Küfa money goes to support the partner community. You can support the reparation campaign ahead via betterplace

Mawvn, an Indigenous diasporic Mapuche Collective, is offering a Soli Tombola for the reforestation project Aliwen- Old Tree. Mawvn is an anti-racist self-organization, which was founded in 1998 in Berlin
and since then has organized public awareness and protest actions to make the anti-colonial liberation struggle of the Mapuche movement visible. The struggles themselves take place mainly in the area that is now called Chile and Argentina. Despite the genocide and colonisation, the Mapuche movement has a culture of resistance that is a concrete and sustainable alternative to capitalism. During the Soli Open Air, the reforestation campaign will be presented. You can get lottery batches at the event and the winners will be drawn in the evening, there are great prizes!

Afterwards at around 20h (8pm) there will be a movie screening on the intersections of racism and environmental justice.
Kanal Wagenplatz is a cute green space where majority queer PoC live and participate.

The place is partly barrierelow, there is an acceccable outdoor toilet.
If you have questions about the event or location mail to

We are looking forward to see you ☺️

The event is for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPoC) only!
Children/young people welcome!
All gender and beyond welcome!

Self-made screen printing frames (1-3), Wagenplatz e.V.’s garden (4)