Climate Justice is a Free Palestine!

In face of escalating oppression and intimidation by the German imperial state, media and mainstream civil society organisations, we call  for stronger solidarity against the repression of free speech and institutionalised conflation of pro-Palestine resistance with antisemitism in Germany!

As a climate justice collective, we see all struggles from colonised peoples and on occupied lands for liberation and justice as interdependent. The fight against racism, colonialism, extractivism, antisemitism, patriarchy and borders are the same, because all these are oppressive regimes based on the imperial capitalist system. We denounce the systematic use of violence by the German state, including the financing of weapons, wars, and grabbing and resource extraction fueled by its government around the world. We therefore see the struggle for a free Palestine as part and parcel of the fight for climate justice.

  • We have been following the systematic use of intimidating actions by the German state, media and mainstream German civil society to silence and erase Palestinian solidarity. These violences perpetrated by German public institutions have escalated since October 7, 2023, shrinking public debate, freedom of movement and justice. We stand in solidarity with individuals and institutions who have been the target of censorship, smear campaigns, funding cuts, loss of job opportunities or migrant rights in that context – and recognize that people of racialised identities and their institutions have experienced the bulk of it.
  • This not only exposes the overwhelming complicity of German society and white institutions with the ongoing genocide in Palestine. It also highlights the racist and anti-migrant structures upon which such German institutions build their actions and reactions, while shying away from important discussions, e.g. on addressing the deep-rooted history of European antisemitism and continuous violence towards Jewish communities perpetrated by white Germans and neo-Nazis, and the need for more widespread, decolonial climate justice.
  • From Oyoun’s cut of public funding, to comrades’ having their right of stay in Germany threatened, the smear campaign against Elisa Baş by Fridays for Future Germany and the Axel Springer media, to the arrest of students opening up debates at Free University Berlin and the recently overturned mandatory agreement with the IHRA definition on antisemitism for artists to access public funding in Berlin. The cases are many.
  • These orchestrated violences have affected the well-being of our comrades and movements, but in no way have they shredded our resistance. In face of increased oppression, we strengthen solidarity ties, increase demonstrations, show up for our comrades, build and renew alliances.
  • What is happening with Oyoun, on Berlin’s campuses, and across Germany’s artist and activist communities is the canary in the coal mine. If one cares about freedom of civil society, art, expression and organising, then we should be protesting these violences now!
  • We  stand in solidarity with Oyoun Berlin, The student coalition Berlin, Elisa Baş, Palestinians and Allies, and anyone or institution under attack because of their solidarity with Palestine. Today, it is pro-Palestinian voices, tomorrow it will be any criticism to colonial forces if we do not fight back. We keep organizing from within the belly of the capitalist beast, in solidarity with Palestine, and with colonized people on occupied lands everywhere! No climate justice on occupied land!



Our Statement to COP27 in Egypt: Human Rights are Climate Justice!

International climate negotiations and its governance have continuously failed to address the root causes of the climate crisis, among others: racism, sexism, colonialism, and capitalism. Movements around the world have been repeatedly raising concerns around the obsoleteness of such conferences. They do not live up to what Most Affected People and Areas (MAPAs) demand: representation, decision-making power, reparations. This year, in Sharm El-Sheikh, the hopes for change are lower than ever, due to the alarming escalation of securitization around this conference. El-Sisi`s dictatorship puts activists and movements, especially those from Egypt and other Global South countries, in grave danger of persecution and violence during and after COP27. Find our Statement in various languages about COP27 and human rights abuses in Egypt here. Share and support it as much as possible in your networks! There can not be any climate justice without Human rights! There is no one without the other.



30/11/2021 This month the COP 26 happened in Glasgow Scotland. As usual it led to a lot of disappointment amongst actors in the climate justice struggle. Read what the newest member of the collective thought about it here We have been pretty silent over the last months on our website. We have been busy writing, discussing, networking and doing many inputs and workshops. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more frequent inputs from us.


01/02/2021 Instagram campaign featuring BIPoC environmental and climate activists and struggles celebrating Black Ourstory Month 2021 Online campaign Image


15/01/2021 Decolonize Erfurt “Auch der Kolonialismus ist Ursprung der Klimakrise” Input Colonialism and Climate Crisis (German spoken language) 09/01/2021 Protest demonstration in solidarity with farmers in India, Rathaus Neukölln, Berlin Statement 07/01/2021 Decentralized commemoration of Oury Jalloh’s murdering Participation Read more…



18/12/2020 Greenpeace UK, ‘Our society is broken – it’s time to reimagine a new one’ Input/Narration Food as Global Commons 11/12/2020 Bundesarbeitskreis kritischer Juragruppen (BAKJ) Workshop ‘Supporting the Climate Justice Movement Through Environmental Law’ Read more… 09/12/2020 Bündnis ’90/Die Grünen, Berlin Professional discussion ‘Fünf Jahre Pariser Klimaschutzabkommen. Mit „Klimapartnerschaften“ neue Impulse für den internationalen Klimaschutz setzen


30/11/2020 Klima-Allianz-Deutschland Panel #13BKG ‘Interkulturalität und Klimaschutz’  (13. Berliner Klimagespräch, German spoken language) 24/11/2020 taz Panter Preis Nomination Black Earth at taz ‘Panter Preis 2020’ nominees 23/11/2020 Eine-Welt-Stadt Berlin MMR Klimagerechtigkeit Interview ‘What does “climate just Berlin” mean to you?’ (German spoken language) 15 – 17/11/2020 BIPoC Climate Justice Conference Input “Racial justice and Climate crisis” BIPOC Climate Justice Conference Panel “Tea circle on History of Climate Justice Movements”


27/10/2020 Greenpeace Online Greencamp Panel “Rassismus, Kolonialismus und Umweltschutz” (German spoken language, w/ captions) 16/10/2020 MdbK [insight] #9 Zero Waste, Leipzig Interview “Cost of living in a Plastic World” (German spoken language, w/ captions) 10/10/2020 Anticolonial rally, Berlin Speech Read speech…Photo: Chepita


25/09/2020 Global climate strike, Kiel Speech Read speech… 15/09/2020 Berliner Demokratietag Video/Interview “Postcolonial perspectives on the climate crisis”


25.08. Soli Goes Open Air, Wagenplatz Kanal e.V., Berlin Event Read more… 22/08/2020 Demo against racism, Potsdam supporting Women* in exile e.V. Participation 20/08/2020 taz online Interview “Was du über Kolonialismus wissen solltest” (German spoken language, w/ captions) 10/08/2020 taz online Interview „Nicht alle sitzen im selben Boot“ (German written language) Read more… 08/08/2020 About Utopia, Tübingen Input “Climate Justice from Black perspectives and Climate Justice and Migration” with Women* in exile e.V. Read more… 07/08/2020 “Aufstand mit Abstand” Participation in blockage of Shell refinery, Wesseling (NRW) In solidarity with the Ogoni people in Nigeria PhotoPhoto credit: Infozentrale


22/07/2020 Summer-action bustour with Women in exile e.V., Wünsdorf (Brandenburg) Participation 04/07/2020 Greenpeace Actions Conference #By2020WeRiseUp & The European Climate Campaign & the European Changemakers project Moderation (w/ Wretched of the Earth, SPINA, EYFA) Read more about the results of the conference here


21/06/2020 Training for Trainers, Bewegungsschule Berlin Bewegungsschule Berlin


31/05/2020 Black Lives Matter Demo, Herrmannplatz, Berlin Participation 30/05/2020 Black Lives Matter Demo, US embassy, Berlin Participation Solidarity Funds for Refugee Women* Group in Berlin-Brandenburg Please spread this call for reparations! Find the call at

Women* protestors with raised fists hold up a banner in front of the Berliner Dom
Women* protestors with raised fists hold up a banner and demand reparation payments in front of Berliner Dom

08/05/2020 International Day of Resistance, Migrantifa boat protest, Berlin


24/04/2020 Global climate strike, Berlin Statement

An image reading our demands
“Nothing about us without us!”

22/04/2020 Bard College, Berlin Input in course “SE224 Social Justice:  The Transnational Feminist Perspective” Dr. Cassandra Ellerbe (instructor) Statement on anti-racism during the Corona crisis Support the reparations campaign “Decolonize Corona Solidarity” Go to Betterplace! 18/04/2020 Corona solidarity initiative Video/Statement 17/04/2020 Training for Trainers, Bewegungsschule Berlin Bewegungsschule Berlin


14/03/2020 „System Change not Climate Change“ Conference, Marburg (Black Earth and Women in exile e.V.) Read more…  08/03/2020 Demo ‘8 March 2020 “It’s not a party – It’s a fight”‘, Berlin Alliance of Internationalist Feminists 01/03/2020 Kollektiv opening / getting to know us, H48, Berlin Event


01 – 29/02/2020 Protest, Datteln IV, Datteln (NRW) Read more at Ende Gelände(.org)…


07/01/2020 Demo ‘Oury Jalloh – Das war Mord!’ Read more at ‘Initiative Oury Jalloh’…



R.I.P to the killed environmental defenders in the Global South Statement/Event Photo